The ORA™ System

Here at Conlon Eye Institute, we are dedicated to offering the best in cataract surgery technology at all times. That is why we now use the ORA™ System! If you would like to experience a custom cataract surgery with accurate and precise results, cataract surgery with the ORA™ system is for you! 

The Basics of Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, your cataract-affected natural lens (located behind the pupil) is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). The type of IOL used during your cataract surgery greatly affects your post-surgery vision. It is also important that this lens is properly placed to maximize your surgical outcomes and receive all of the benefits from your IOL. This is where the ORA™ with VerifEye+ system comes in handy! 


What Is the ORA™ with VerifEye+ System?

The ORA™ system is a machine that allows Dr. Conlon to achieve a level of accuracy during cataract surgery. While the ORA™ system cannot predict your results with 100% certainty, it allows your surgeon to accurately predict your surgical outcome. 

Before your cataract surgery, the ORA™ system can be used to predict if the chosen IOL will provide optimal results for you. Based on this information, Dr. Conlon can make adjustments to the chosen IOL as needed. 

The ORA™ system also provides real-time micro-measurements during cataract surgery. This guides your surgeon during IOL placement, allowing them to make adjustments as they go. This leads to an optimal outcome, as your surgeon is able to verify mid-surgery that the IOL is properly placed. To sum it all up, ORA™ greatly increases your likelihood of cataract surgery success and reduces your dependence on glasses and contact lenses! 


How Does The ORA™ System Work?

The ORA™ system actually uses the same technology used during LASIK surgery to provide optimal results. This technology, referred to as WaveFront aberrometry or intraoperative aberrometry, allows doctors to evaluate your cornea and refraction real-time to make sure everything is going as it should. 

This technology is especially useful for patients who have previously undergone LASIK surgery, those who chose a premium IOL implant, or those with astigmatism. In these patients, predicting the outcomes of cataract surgery can be difficult. With the ORA™ system, the mystery is gone! 

If you are interested in cataract surgery using the ORA™ with VerifEye system, be sure to contact us. Our team at Conlon Eye Institute are here to walk you through each step of cataract surgery while keeping your individual needs in mind. To contact us, call 306-244-4111 or send us a message online. 


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