Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Cataract Surgery

in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


The Conlon Eye Institute in Saskatoon is proud to offer a new surgical device called the LenSx® Laser to offer to cataract patients. The LenSx® Laser, manufactured by Alcon is designed to bring the precision of laser technology to cataract surgery. This innovation allows eye surgeons to perform some of the more challenging delicate steps of cataract surgery using a blade-free laser instead of manually performing these steps with an instrument. Now Cataract patients across Canada’s Midwest have access to a truly advanced approach to lens replacement cataract surgery.

Laser Cataract Surgery Saskatoon

"We are the first eye Centre in Saskatchewan to offer patients the most advanced technology for cataract surgery, “Said Dr. Ronan Conlon, founder and Medical Director of the Conlon Surgical Institute in Saskatchewan, a CPSS-licensed surgical facility. “ The LenSx® laser provides more control to make cataract surgery precise and allows us to tailor surgery specific to our patients’ eyes.”

Cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness around the world and affect more than 2.5 million people in Canada. The LenSx® Laser provides patients with a more predictable and precise procedure than traditional cataract surgery. It uses image-guided, laser technology to perform the initial steps of the cataract surgery procedure with accurate and reproducible precision compared to traditional refractive cataract surgery.

The LenSx® Laser includes the following surgical benefits:

  • Automates some of the most difficult and delicate steps of the cataract procedure
  • Blade-free technology is a complementary surgical approach to certain manual steps within the cataract surgical procedure
  • Enables image-guided visualization, control, and micron-level precision

With the accuracy of the LenSx® Laser, Conlon Eye Institute gives patients a customizable surgical approach while also offering patients the option to have an advanced technology intraocular lens ( IOL). These IOL’s are more advanced than traditional IOL’s because they offer an additional benefit to correcting the cataract.

The multifocal advanced technology is an IOL that can give most cataract patients clear vision at all distances. It corrects for cataracts and a condition known as presbyopia, which causes people to need reading glasses as their eyes age. The Toric advanced technology IOL is a monofocal IOL that corrects a cataract while also treating preexisting astigmatism. The multifocal Toric advanced technology IOL combines the technologies to provide cataract patients that have astigmatism a surgical opinion that delivers quality vision at all distances with increased spectacle independence. The precision of the LenSx® Laser enhances the performance of these advanced technology IOLs.

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